Sunday, October 26, 2008

About Navaja & the hisPANIC

Buenas noches everyone! My name is Eric Cortes (currently 24) and I live in Philadelphia, PA! Yes Philly, not New York, not L.A., not Chicago but PHILLY!!

I first attended Widener University in Chester, PA but transferred to Temple University. Majored in Journalism and minored in Latin American Studies.

Why did I create this monstrosity called hisPANIC? Well I realized I've needed to create one fast before my thoughts go nuts. I usually go comment crazy on other blogs and tend to write Facebook notes every now and then. At the same time I've been reading Geraldo Rivera's Hispanic: Why American's Fear Hispanic in the U.S.

After reading a few chapters I was hooked! I just had to express my thoughts and what better way than through the wonders of the internet.

For more info on Geraldo's book click here.

So who is Navaja? Navaja is the type of guy that will do everything and anything possible to help YOU out...yes you! Although a lot of my frat brothers think of me as an a**hole, I'm really a nice guy. I go out of my way to help them and anyone else. I love my fraternity and always will. Check out those Gammas. Most importantly, however, is mi familia. I will always love my familia and be proud of where I come from. I may have been born in Plainfield, NJ but my roots are from Colombia.

So get ready for Navaja at his best...p.s. I'm Navaja haha. Only my frat brother's know how I got the name Navaja. You can assume if you want but all you have to do is just ask, maybe I'll tell you.

2050 - Here we come!
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