Sunday, October 26, 2008

Proud to be Latino

So for the past couple of weeks I can't just help feel our presence. Maybe because it's Hispanic Heritage Month and everyone went crazy haha. There has been so much negative news in the past few days it's crazy to think something is good is happening right? Wrong!

I want to start of by saying CONGRATS to Taller Puertorriqueño...they were recently nominated as one of the recipients of the 2008 Governor's Awards.

While working with them I learned so much about the Latino culture...yes they do more than just Puerto Rican outreach :-). One of my favorite events has always been FERIA DEL BARRIO because it brings out sooo many people and it's just good times.

And speaking of art galleries, a new one opened this past September. Check out Afro-Latin Art!

I was also recently forwarded a letter from Mayor Michael Nutter and I wanted to quote him: Latinos have always played an integral role in helping to shape the City's legacy. They represent an ever-increasing share of workers and taxpaers who make significant contributions to the City's labor force and economy. They have persevered and excelled in every sector of socity, including public service, business, industry, education, the arts and sports. This really makes me happy that Mayor Nutter understands the importance of our people. However, some people don't. *sigh*

And kudos to Temple's Latino community. They have done so much after I graduated and have come up with one of the best marketing ideas ever! First, look at the flier for their Latino Heritage Month:

That just makes a statement, especially this year's theme: La Voz de Nuestro Futuro. Now let's look at one of the greatest ideas I've seen yet, the Latino/a t-shirt:

Congrats on making this happen, I know it was difficult times.

And now let's move on to a very important event ...AIDS Walk Philly
Yes it's an 8 mile walk but it was for a very important cause. This disease is killing people every day and we think it's a joke. I was recently tagged in a note about someone uncle passing away and I felt sorry. You never know what can happen or who you can lose at any moment.

Anyway, that's my rant for now :-). I leave you with some stats:

  1. did you know that in 2050 1 in 3 US residents will be of Latino descent? ;)

  2. Africa and Asia are the highest growing population and will surpass the European Latin American and Oceania Population by 2050

  3. By 2050 The demographics of the US will be: 53% White, 14% Black, 11% Asian, 23%Latino
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