Monday, November 17, 2008

Latino Media in Philadelphia

Ahhh yes the journalists of Philadelphia...Latino journalists that is. And as in everything else we do, there are Latinos whom work for Spanish language media and Latinos whom work for mainstream media. I've had the opportunity to work with both. It's pretty interesting to work with both because in the end they both agree that helping the Latino community is important.

Two of the best Latino papers in Philadelphia are:

Impacto Latin Newspaper


Al Dia

These 2 papers have both played an important role in the Latino community because they DON'T just spread news. They both provide opportunities for Latinos whether it's by holding programs or award ceremonies. Impacto Latin Newspaper actually teams up with MAC on an award ceremony for influential Latinos.

And now Philly's Spanish language broadcasting media is stepping up! Univision and Telemundo have stepped up when it comes to local news. This past summer Univision announced their new local news segment at 6:30 p.m. Telemundo has also just reorganized their studios and has a new anchor for their public affairs show.

I'm very proud to be working with them and can't wait for the future projects we will work on.
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