Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Navaja would most likely visit...

...the following places.

  1. Colombia - Because it is here where his heritage was born. The place where his mother/father and all the older generations were born. The one true place he can really call home. The one place I haven't seen since 1995 and where my father's family lives. When will I return? Only time can tell.

    Plus, just recently there have been a few great published articles on Colombia's rise in tourism! Although I would love to go as a tourist, I would go as a citizen (but not) haha. Jaunted (Top travel blog) says it best, "...country's finally getting back on its feet."

  2. Egypt - Who wouldn't!? There's so much history and mystery to this place I would stay here for a month just trying to figure out who "we" are haha. The camels, pyramids, mummies, etc. are some of the most fascinating things about this country. Isn't this where the earliest known man was discovered?

    Plus I have yet to travel to the other side of the world! Why not stop at Egypt first :).

  3. China - A completely different world from the one I live in. I think I could find something to do everyday for about a year...that's stretching it I know. But after watching the 2008 Beijing Olympics I found myself more fascinating with this country.

    I'd probably challenge myself to walk the whole wall of China too haha.

  4. Australia - Why not? I love their accent and the wildlife is amazing! Plus the weather seems cool haha:

    Imagine a hot red land edged with surreal beaches. Now imagine that on this land, you can also discover lush rainforests, cool lagoons and slopes iced with snow waiting for you to explore. Yes, Australia has all of this on offer.
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