Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama & McCain Cabinets?

Check out these two articles from POLITICO. Take a close look at the last names of each person and their role.

Dems sketch Obama staff, Cabinet

A peek at a potential McCain Cabinet

This was the e-mail I got as well along with the two links.

  • Friends,
    As some of you may know, both campaigns are already discussing possible appointments if their party becomes the victor on Tuesday. While Latinos have played a significant role, including the raising of small dollars, you will notice in the list just published by Politico below that there a few Latino names on the Obama list (2) and none on the McCain list. While these listing is speculative, it gives you a birdseye view on the thinking currently taking place. I am not sure where to begin but my fellow Latinos/as, we really need to hold the new president accountable and ensure that Latinos/as will be considered as the new president transitions into the White House (e.g. letter writing campaign, email campaign, etc.).

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