Friday, November 21, 2008

Why the Please Touch Museum is awesome.

Because it is! I felt like such a kid again (meanwhile I am a big kid). Today (for work) I went to the Please Touch Museum along with 12-13 media and took a tour of the museum. It was interesting because there were Latino, Cambodian, and Chinese media on the tour; so it was a multicultural experience.

As soon as you drive by and park you are taken to another world. Memorial Hall is such an amazing piece of architecture, but I won't bore you about that part.

But seriously, there's a part of the museum (lower level) where there's a model of how Fairmount Park looked like in 1876...amazing.

Then as soon as you walk in you are presented with what could quite possibly be a WHOLE day. P.S. you gotta come with a child or you won't get in haha. There's just so much to go over that I won't tell you, I'll let you experience it.

I'll leave you with something you see once you walk in...

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