Monday, December 1, 2008

My Roadtrip to Ft. Worth/Dallas Texas

I'll try to keep it short and with highlights haha. Never did I think I would be driving con mi prima to Ft. Worth/Dallas, TX. Sure enough it happened this past Thanksgiving. It was crazy going down and crazy coming are the highlights:
  • Try driving down only listening to COUNTRY and on the way up listening to nothing but our own convo's.
  • Not 1 but 2 stops by the policia LOL. Both times they separated us and asked, "Do you have guns, knives, expolsives, rocket launchers, drugs?" Oh how much I held back ;-). Oh and the first time they said my cousin was swurving and the second was because I was driving too close to a truck...right. And why did the cop (2nd time) feel the need to ask, "Does he speak English?" Thanks Tennesse, thanks.
  • Sierra (dog) betraying her owner and becoming my best friend HAHA
  • Taking a walking tour of Ft. Worth's Stockyards...very cool.
  • Fun Fact: Six Flags originated in Texas and was dubbed the name "Six Flags" because of the original owners of Texas - Spain, France, Mexico, TX state flag, TX Confederate flag and USA flag.
  • Finishing the damn stockyard mad I took 17 minutes haha
  • Reading all the weird city names including Arkadelphia...weird
  • And of course being able to talk to mi prima and learn more about her and vice versa :)
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