Monday, January 19, 2009

Crash Mansion (NYC)

So last Friday I went to Crash Mansion (Club BLVD) for the 7th Annual Bringing it Back Tour. The venue was something I did not expect. When I thought of watching step, stroll and other performances I thought of SEATS...ugh uh lol.

This was an actual club (hence the name Club BLVD). I guess I should've really thought about it but whatever. I walked in and they expected me to pay for coat service, riiiight. Luckily some friends had already secured a booth so that saved me god knows how much. I will give it to them, it was a nice lounge with friendly atmosphere. Maybe it was because I was in there at 6 p.m. and left at around 10 p.m. Who knows what it's like during regular hours.

The service was good though. Waitress was nice and not a bi*** like some are in "some" lounges and the bartenders were very attentive. So good job on getting good bartenders. Then there were the drinks. Yeah it is NYC pricing but come on now. $8 for a corona, $10 for a rum/coke and $12 for a Red Devil.

Would I go there again? Yeah I guess; you just have to convince me. Plus it would be cool to see what type of music they play.
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