Thursday, January 8, 2009

Do you have a dream?

So last year (meaning last month) I was approached by a group of young professionals to be a part of something special. These guys have created something called THE R.I.C.K. FOUNDATION.

One of their initiatives is American Dreaming magazine.

American Dreaming is an online lifestyle magazine produced by aspiring young writers, journalists, graphic designers, photographers, stylists, and creative minds alike highlighting budding young talents in Entertainment, Fashion, Sports, Business, Politics, etc.. Our mission is to put YOU on to what's next and whose next!

And to be honest it's actually pretty good. The content is diverse and touches on a lot of things we as young professionals should look up to. For the latest issue go to Don' and then click on American Dreaming. And when reading it, remember to have an open creative mind. I always think one should always "think outside the box" pero mucha gente doesn't think that way.

I was actually given the opportunity to be a part of "their team". This could mean lots of things but the original idea was to be a member of their "board of directors". I agreed, so we'll see how that goes. And to be honest never would I have thought at 24 (turning 25) years old I would be where I am doing what I do.

hasta la proxima
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