Thursday, January 29, 2009

La Casa Latina

Ahhh yes another Latino organization in Philadelphia devoted to create Latino awareness in a community. Which community is this...UPENN's campus. Now they may not be my favorite school but they sure do have an interesting Latino population.

Anyways, La Casa Latina, "provides a supportive environment where students are welcome to discuss and understand issues of importance to them. The Center supports students through resources and services that foster the integration of their academic, social, cultural, and community service activities to enrich their Penn experience."

And who is the their fearless leader, a good friend of mine Johnny Irizarry. He's a good person, loves his culture, and loves helping people. He actually just sent me a good list of Latino organizations in was a real extensive list which included media as well. So if you're looking to help your community or work with a good organization, get in touch with them.
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