Monday, February 16, 2009

Anti-violence Rally in Plainfield

Ed Pagliarini/MyCentralJersey

I decided to browse the Courier-News web-site to see what's going on back home (considering my parents don't tell me) and I had no clue there was an anti-violence rally.

On February 8th, 2009, Christian Tigsi, who just turned 18, was shot to death near the train station. A friend drove Tigsi to the the police station but after arriving, he passed away. The following Thursday (2/12/09) the People's Organization for Progress held an anti-violence rally in response to Plainfield's most recent homicide.
Ed Pagliarini/MyCentralJersey
It's weird hearing about homicides in the town you grew up in. The crazy part is that in the 18 years I lived in Plainfield, NJ, nothing ever happened to my family. There was the occasional drug bust across the street, fights here and there, helicopters looking for suspects (yes that happened near our house) but my family was never directly effected by anything. I'm glad I went to public schools, it sort of made me who I am today. However, it is a shame this is happening; the paper reported this was the city's first of the year, but its fourth in a little over four months.
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