Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Colombia to lose ties with the U.S.

I guess it was "okay" that Bush had a good relationship with the Bush administration, even though it dealt with the drug problem. But now with the new administration, what are they to do? How about mounting a full-court diplomatic press in the United States this week? Sounds like a good idea right? Bush proclaimed Colombia as a Latin success story, however other's disagreed.

And is if things couldn't get any worse, the Christian Science Monitor reports:

More than just the economic downturn makes this a difficult time for Colombia to be making its case to US officials. The country is reeling from charges last week that state security agents also on the payroll of Colombia's drug lords were using illegal wiretaps to spy on politicians, judges, and journalists. A top counterintelligence official in the state security agency has already resigned over the scandal.

The latest accusations are likely to only feed perceptions that Colombia's security and intelligence institutions are deeply intertwined with the mafias that keep Colombia the world's No. 1 cocaine supplier. (Past scandals suggest that security and intelligence institutions also have links to the paramilitary organizations fighting a drug-financed insurgency.)

Ahhh yes what are we to do; any suggestions?

On a lighter note, Jaunted seeks an authentic taste of Cartagena.

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