Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hold the Phone...we use Facebook?!

Ok so Facebook may not be the #1 most visited site by Latinos, it is the #1 social networking site visited by Latinos.

According to Portada, the Hispanic web audience doubled by posting a 9% growing rate.

Wresting 1st place away from Yahoo! are Google Sites, which given the volume of traffic going to their sites—over 15.75 million, representing more than 75% of the total Hispanic audience—posted an impressive 21% growth in audience over 2007.

While Yahoo! sites were garnered the most audience in December of 2007, they lost their top position to Google sites after posting just 6% growth in the past year.

I actually just realized Facebook was the only social networking site on the list of 25. Other sites on the list included CBS Communications, Wal-mart, At&T (weird) and eBay. Check out the entire list here or see below.
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