Thursday, February 12, 2009

That Really Grinds My Gears...Allergies

Yes it sounds stupid but I'm really annoyed that I can't eat a lot of things. I could care less about my weight but being allergic to soy, peanuts, string beans and pineapple really does piss me off. Because of my allergies I also have to carry an epi pen. Believe me it's not cute carrying this thing around.

I actually used it in 2007; I was an idiot yes. I was at my aunt's house in Houston, TX and decided to have a bowl of cereal. I saw she only had whole milk and soy milk so sure enough I grabbed the soy milk (because I'm also somewhat lactose intolerant). This was also when I first learned about my allergies so I wasn't paying attention. So after gulfing the cereal in less than 30 seconds, sure enough the throat closed. I sat down panicking and thankfully Ric calmed me down and said, "Just use the damn thing." And it worked.

So yea, why did I have to develop allergies at 23??? The best part, I also have seasonal allergies *double shakes fist*. If you want to learn more about the 1 million types of allergies, WebMD is always a good source for health related questions.
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