Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Transformers...more than just robots

So my brother sent me an e-mail with great "shots" from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Umm hello! This is like Top 3 movies coming out. I cannot wait until this release. I mean come on, who never watched Transformers as a kid. It was one of those shows you talked about con tus amigos. And as a fact, you are not a Transformers fan unless you've seen the cartoon movie featuring Unicron.

Anyways, so I saw the picture of Devastator and wow. For those fake fans, Devastator was the sub-group of Transformers, able to merge their bodies and minds together as one. So what do you think? Will he live up to the cartoon version...let's hope so.

I actually remember being a kid and going to abuela's house only for the sole reason to play with my cousin's constructicons lol. Yes, it was that serious. Transformers were more than just robots to us, they were heroes. What I wouldn't give to get one of those suis that's transforms.
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