Friday, February 20, 2009

White Hispanic and Latino Americans??

Honestly, what the hell is a WHITE HISPANIC? Would you even want to be considered one?

I looked it up in Wikipedia and this is what I found:
As the concepts of race and ethnicity — "ethnicity" is used as a synonym for Hispanic or Latino origin — are mutually independent in the Office of Management and Budget's and United States Census Bureau's definitions, every American is identified by both race and ethnicity. Hispanic or Latino people are those who report origins in Spain or Hispanic Latin America, and they may be of any race.[12] Thus each race, including White American, comprises individuals who are Hispanic or Latino and individuals who are not Hispanic or Latino.
What does this even mean? Then I "googled" White Hispanic and I get some chart...

Honestly, the Census needs to realize people are either WHITE, HISPANIC/LATINO, BLACK, NATIVE AMERICAN, or OTHER which could be MIXED if you want to give it a name. How is the Census just going to "invent" a race...that's crazy to me.

Over the past few years I've actually accustomed to either Hispanic or Latino. Unfortunately, Hispanic was the name give by the U.S. Gov't but it only defines us by our Hispanic roots. Latino, however, reminds us of our 3 cultures (Spanish, Indian, African). Yes Latino's are that cool. But then in the industry I work in, we tend to say Hispanic because that's what the media are writing's weird.

Que tu thinks?
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