Friday, February 20, 2009

World Cup - South Africa 2010

It's time to gear up for South Africa 2010. Why...because every 4 years some crazy people decide to hold THE WORLD CUP! Futbol is not only the number 1 sport IN THE WORLD, but it's also cool to watch, especially the fans. So who runs these crazy countries and clubs...FIFA does.
The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is an association governed by Swiss law founded in 1904 and based in Zurich. It has 208 member associations and its goal, enshrined in its Statutes, is the constant improvement of football. FIFA employs some 310 people from over 35 nations and is composed of a Congress (legislative body), Executive Committee (executive body), General Secretariat (administrative body) and committees (assisting the Executive Committee).
The United States of America actually hosted the 1994 World Cup. I believe that was the first one I ever payed attention to. Who won? Why Brazil of course. Anyways, get ready to save your cash if your a true fan because tickets to the final (category 1) are running up to $900! So unless you can teleport yourself to S. Africa, that will save you some money, be ready to SPEND SPEND SPEND.

Unfortunately, I don't think Colombia will be joined the rest of the world in South Africa *tear*. To check out the rest of the teams, go to FIFA's web-site.
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