Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And the winner is...

Not sure how they came up with the categories/winners but SiTV has announced the...

Best/Worst Latino Reality Stars Ever.

(Remember to say it in one of those dramatic, long tones haha)

Anyways, I sort of agreed on almost all of their choices. On a almost unrelated note, anyone find it weird that the Puerto Rican contestants on both ANTM and American Idol were eliminated the same day?? Just thought that was weird.

Umm also, do you remember VH1's Viva Hollywood? Can you say crap!?

And the winners are...

  • Most Inspiring: Pedro Zamora- The O.G. of Latino reality stars, Pedro appeared on the Real World’s first season, and became an overnight star not only for coming out as gay, but revealing that he had AIDS. His courage and fight as an HIV educator caused drama in the house and controversy nationwide, but it helped humanize HIV victims. He died a day after the last episode aired. Here he is, getting "married" to his partner, on the show.
  • Hottest Mess: Daisy de la Hoya - A compulsive liar (we still don’t know if she’s really Oscar de la Hoya’s niece) down to her huge fake boobs, rock groupie Daisy, who cursed and traded punches like a champ, on the show, is getting her own Rock of Love-style VH1 reality show in Spring 2009, called Daisy of Love. Bring it on!
  • Biggest, Creepiest Loser: Mario Vazquez
    Mario thought he was such hot singing shizz that he dropped out of American Idol (a first on the show) so he could get a recording contract. He got one, with Arista Records, but then was dropped—bet that lawsuit by an American Idol employee, who claimed that Mario followed him into a bathroom, offered sex and then started working the Manuela in front of him, didn’t exactly help his career.
  • Most Latinaest Ever: Jaslene Gonzalez
    This girl may not have had J. Lo’s curves or spoke much Spanish, but she repped her Latina-ness from minute one, making it clear that she loved her culture. Some people thought that with her hoop earrings, sassy attitude and accent, she was just reinforcing the stereotype, but you’d have to be seriously cynical to hate how sincere she was about it all.
  • Lifetime Dubious Achievement Award: Cris Abrego - Wanna know who is responsible for coming up with Rock of Love, Daisy of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, I Love Money, My Fair Brady, The Surreal Life, and From G's to Gents? None other than this Latino, who I'm sure is burying his shame in a pool made entirely of hunnadollabills.
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