Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A blast from the past

I came across a LA Times article about thoughts on immigration and became nostalgic. The line that captured me the most was:
It's unfair, of course, to judge an entire people by the behavior of a few knuckleheads. Some would call it racist. I'm hopeful that only a small minority of Southern Californians think that way.
I can't agree anymore. Unfortunately people always judge an entire group solely on a few people and especially when something "negative" occurs. Do you think people judge an entire group of people when something "positive" happens? Nope. That's the way life works, we just have to move on and get over it.

Anyways, I even e-mailed the writer and I wanted to share it with you guys:

Saludos Hector,

I came across your article (Readers share thoughts on immigration) and it reminded me of a lot of things. I write to you as the Colombian son of 2 U.S. legal residents. My mother has yet to succeed in becoming a U.S. citizen. This was a long time ago where my mother applied, had her finger prints taken and she even took the citizenship test & passed; after that, nothing happened.

I thank god my parents came to this country 25+ years ago to come looking for a better life, however, what it did was give my brother and me a better life. Right after high school, we went to college, graduated, and found great jobs. I look back now (I turn 25 on Friday) and thank my parents for everything they have done. I now live in Philadelphia and enjoy what I do. Although we can always do better, I take life as it is and enjoy every moment of it.

People blame immigration for a lot of things and after reading Geraldo Rivera’s book, I realized how closed-minded people really are. Thank you for the article.


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