Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Future of an Industry

Interested in new media, how it's changing the world we live in, etc? Well Barcamp NewsInnovation Philadelphia will be held on Saturday, April 25th at Temple University.

What is BarCamp NewsInnovation?

News Innovation Philadelphia is the national BarCamp, the last in a series of regional editions. Bar Camp News Innovation Philadelphia is an unconference designed at coming up with new ideas on how to reenergize and innovate the news industry.

Whats a barcamp? Its a conference with no set schedule. The presentation schedule is blank and will be filled in by attendees throughout the day. Anyone can present, and everyone is expected to participate in some fashion. Don't come just expecting to fall asleep in the back row.

Dont think this is a journalists-only event! Invite any friends from various industries who are concerned about the future of news. Even your friend that complains about the biased media. Especially that guy.

Be sure to get there at 9 a.m. if you want to present because slots will fill up quickly. However, if you just want to attend to learn more, come at anytime. The un-conference ends around 5 p.m. I'm pretty sure there will be an after-party but that has yet to be determined. Remember, this is NOT only for jounalists, so come one, come all. A similar event was held last January, it was sponsored by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists.

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