Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights

Philadelphia Latinos, somethings brewing here in our community and I don't mean coffee! The National Council for Puerto Rican Rights is holding their convention here in Philly October 9th - 11th. The NCPRR is a mass membership, activist, grassroots organization dedicated to advocating for the human and civil rights of Puerto Ricans. They are currently looking for any volunteers to help out with the convention.

So, what do they do? Well, the NCPRR:
  • ADVOCATES for the civil rights of Puerto Ricans
  • EDUCATES its members and the community about the issues affecting Puerto Ricans and ways to improve them.
  • DEVELOPS new leadership, with an emphasis on youth and women.
  • INFORMS elected representatives and public officials about our community's problems, needs and ways of addressing them.
  • SERVES as a voice for Boricuas in the political, educational and general civil rights arena.
  • ENGAGES in activities that preserve and develop our language, history and culture.
If interested, please contact Joe Garcia. Be sure to also join their Facebook group.

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