Monday, March 23, 2009

Philadelphia Film Festival & CineFest 09

First off, whenever I pronounce CineFest I sound so "Latino" lol. I need to hear someone pronounce the name of the festival just to compare. Anyways, so my frat brother who's working with the festival got me tickets to several different events *score*. However, I'm having trouble picking which movie to watch!

I've narrowed my selection to the Latino films but they all seem equally exciting. Help me out, the movies are:

  1. All Inclusive A family undergoes a seismic change in their relations when they travel to a Mexican seaside resort and the area’s various temptations affect them all.

  2. Before the Fall A meteor is approaching the earth in three days and all life will be extinguished, but one family has a more pressing fear -– a deranged and vengeful killer just released from prison is headed their way in this original apocalyptic thriller.

  3. Cowards Themes of security and fear underscore this tale of a young boy, mercilessly bullied on the schoolyard and ignored by adults who are lost in their web of cell phones and closed-circuit cameras.

  4. The Desert Within In this intense, devastating drama about religious fanaticism and parental devotion, a father places his family in jeopardy following the 1928 Mexican Revolution.

  5. Dioses Portraying a seemingly idyllic life that is actually soulless and cruel, Gods condemns the class disparity that exists in many Latin American countries.

  6. Don't Look Down A young man is introduced to the almost hallucinatory joys of sex after he meets a gorgeous older woman in this explicit but innocent coming-of-age romp from Argentina.|

  7. God's Forgotten Town When a film crew begins to unlock the dark secrets of an abandoned town, the battle between good and evil begins in this Spanish mystery thriller.

  8. I'm Going to Explode Shimmering with style and a pulsating electronica soundtrack (Interpol, Bright Eyes), this Mexican import is genuinely tender and sweepingly romantic.

  9. Lake Tahoe Three teenagers in a small Mexican town have differing distractions from their troubles at home in this alternately comedic and heartbreaking film.

  10. Rudo y Cursi Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna, the adorable teens from 2001’s Y Tu Mamá También are together again as brothers in Rudo Y Cursi, a raunchy comedy about the pitfalls of fame.
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