Monday, March 2, 2009

Street Fighter IV likes multiculturalism

Yep, first I never really thought about Street Fighter engaging in marketing to multicultural audience because come on's a video game! I was a fan every since the first (good one) came out for Genesis/Super Nintendo where there were no SPECIALs. If you don't think Street Fighter is one of the best video game series ever...well then you should just stop.

TOOT MY OWN HORN MOMENT: I know how to use every single character. I'm not your typical "Pick Ryu or Ken" so I can hadoken you all the time, nope, I choose Cammy, Zangief, Blanka and everyone else. The best part, these street fighter's are from all over the globe!
  1. Ryu - Japan
  2. Ken/Guile - United States
  3. Cammy - England
  4. Blanka - Brazil
  5. Vega (Balrog) - Spain
  6. Sagat - Thailand
  7. Chun-Li - China
  8. Dhalsim - India
So why is Vega (Balrog) so cool? Well because he's the closest thing Colombianos will get to getting their own character. Actually, I just realized there's the new character...EL FUERTE (smh) from Mexico. Anyways, hats off to the people of Street Fighter and hope to see you in 10 years with another hit.

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