Monday, March 16, 2009

That Really Grinds My Gears...Monday Edition!

So I forgot to post my Thursday "Grind my Gears" last week. Luckily, this past weekend really gave me something to "complain" about. This is kind of a good and bad "grind my gear" but oh well.

The dreaded designated driver is obviously something important but when you see everyone "under the influence" and you're so sober you notice all the little things people do, it's hard not to feel irritated. Even know you're ensuring the safety of your friends, people acting a fool is not cool. There's also the, "No I'm okay to drive" quote you'll be getting every now and then. Now you have to find a way to tell them, "I'm sober, you're not, give me the keys" in a nice and clear way.

Although I believe having a designated driver is key to any drunk outing, be ready to get irritated and see how stupid people can get. This will also prevent MADD coming after you :).
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