Thursday, March 19, 2009

They are still out there...

So last night on the National Geographic Channel a certain show sort of got to me...American Skinheads. It was actually pretty interesting; I learned (and it confirmed) a good number of things.

But yes apparently they still do exist and the number one state where they reside in is Pennsylvania...go figure right? One quote I won't forget and I wonder why he even said it was, "We have to kill them all." He said it referring to Mexican immigrants. Shouldn't this be a signal to the police or F.B.I. to say, "ummm maybe we should arrest him"? The show continues to talk about the growing number of skinheads, especially over the internet. What also caught me by surprise was the "non-racist" skinhead...confused right? Yes apparently there are a good number of skinheads who do not believe in racial segregation however are still skinheads. Please don't ask what that means because I'm confused as well.

Thanks for the good programming Nat Geo, keep it up!
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