Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watchmen...or Deeper Meaning Behind it

I almost forgot to leave my Watchmen review :). I understand why people didn't think it was "great" but it was actually pretty good. I think a lot of people expected it to be Marvel-ish but then again that's stupid because it's clearly a DC flick and from the preview you should've known it was going to be different.

So why did I like it?! Because I saw a deeper meaning behind it. The "smile" and "sacrifice" was what I liked. I'm always interested in "alternate" universe's as well. And remember, these were ordinary heroes who like anyone grow old, they aren't invincible; well Dr. Manhattan is. It also proved something that I think will actually happen...that humans will eventually destroy each other.

It won't be a comet/asteroid, natural disaster, etc. we will eventually cause our own destruction. And it's unfortunate that damned "Adrian" got away with it, and he could. In order to bring peace to the world, sacrifices had to be made; in this case it was NYC which obviously was bold.

Overall, when you watch a movie, don't just watch it because of the action or adventure, watch it because you know there's a reason behind the plot.
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