Wednesday, April 29, 2009

North Bowl

Photo by G. Widman for GPTMC

Today I joined some work folk and NABJ members for some fun filled bowling at North Bowl. I must say I really have to practice some more because in two games I didn't score above a 100! Isn't that just sad?

Anyways, the event was great. We were in the upstairs area (I'm assuming it's for private events). The food was delicious and so were the drinks. Although there was an open buffet, I'm sure it's reasonably priced. I really wanted to try the tatter tots. However I must say the venue overall is beautiful. It looks small from the outside but inside there's a separate bar on the left, a good number of lanes up front and (as stated above) a 4-lane area upstairs with separate bar. The arcard and billiards tables are also upstairs.

The event was held to support NABJ's 'On the Move' Campaign, a fundraising drive to support NABJ's new headquarters scheduled to open late this year. It was also a kick-off event for NABJ's August 2011 Convention to be held here in Philadelphia.
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