Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Para la gente that likes to take photos

Sorry Phillies fans, I just put this pic up because I thought it was cool.

Growing up both mom and dad would take pictures of EVERYTHING! And when I say everything, I mean it haha. Even today, they expect me to bring home hundreds of pictures; unfortunately I can't because I have a digital camera and all my photos go on Facebook. Although for Mom's Day I plan on making my mom a cool photo sheet with "never-before-seen" pics...well pics she's never seen before.

Anyways, National Geographic always has stunning stunning I just want to escape reality and just relax. Nat Geo's blog "Intelligent Traveler" has put on a Great Outdoors Photo Contest. So if you like taking pictures then this one's for you! They want pic's that "capture landscapes, vistas and the great beyond". Both amateur and professional photographers are able to enter.

Watch the cool video below:

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