Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Philly Spring Clean Up

Just in case you forgot, this Saturday is the 2nd annual Philly Spring Clean Up. on Saturday, April 4th Mayor Nutter and the City of Philadelphia will sponsor the 2nd Annual Philly Spring Cleanup. Last year’s event was a huge success. In fact, Keep America Beautiful confirmed the 2008 Philly Spring Cleanup as the largest single-day, citywide clean-up on record in the United States. Together, we removed over 2.5 million pounds of trash and 48,000 pounds of recyclable materials; we cleaned an estimated 71 commercial corridors and 3,500 blocks; and we came together as a city in the process.

Last year was actually a good time; it wasn't just clean and leave. I actually did a mini-interview for Univision but they probably didn't use it haha. We were glad to help out the community especially because councilwoman Quinoñes was there; this year is no different.

In the Latino community?? Then go to the site below:

North Philadelphia Weed and Seed Project
100 E. Lehigh Avenue

Bill Summers

Project Description:
Clean at 601 E. Indiana Avenue
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