Friday, April 24, 2009

Riding Amtrak

Ah yes good ol' Amtrak. Overall I have to say I had a pleasant experience. Last week I took a vacation and decided to take the train as appose to an expensive flight. My ride cost a whopping $195.00 which is actually pretty good ($115 Acela to Boston and $80 coach to Philly).

Although the Acela was much faster (1 hour less) there wasn't really that much of a difference. The seats looked different but overall it was the same. I just wish the food wasn't so damn expensive. A bag of chips and a can soda costs $3.50....crazy I know.

Although the ride was long, I'm glad I got rest on the ride as appose to having turbulence on an airplane. However, on the way back to Philadelphia there was some older woman behind me on the phone for hours talking about how much her life sucks. Luckily the people she was talking to kept her head up.

P.S. Boston is NOTHING compared to Philadelphia.
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