Thursday, April 9, 2009

That Really Grinds My Gears...Facebook Friend Photo

I was just about to post a non-grinds my gears post when out of no where I turned to Facebook and BOOM there it was. The dreaded "tag your friends" photo which lists about 25 characters and the person has to tag appropriately (i.e. The Drunk, The Sleepy Head, etc). I think I've seen about 50 different forms of this photo too. Although it was okay at first, it just kept getting worse and worse. I've seen super heroes, muppets, penguins and so many more annoying tagged photos.

This was almost as bad as the "25 Things About Me" note. Don't we have something better to do than to tag friends and explain to them why you think they are the geek? The worst part, I don't think your employer would like to know you've been voted "THE DRUNK" on someone's photo.

*Shakes fist*
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