Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When animals attack

Yes the animals do bite...but hey it's not their fault. While in Boston I went to the Franklin Park Zoo and I wasn't that impressed. Maybe it's because I was wandering by myself but in the end, I wasn't impressed. In fact almost every visitor was in a big group of kids.

The most interesting part of the zoo was the Tropical Forest. There were a lot of interesting facts about the rain forest and how it really is disappearing. Did you know about every hour a part of the rain forest the size of Boston disappears? Yep, and at this rate who knows where we are heading. *sigh*

I was also a little concerned at all the kids running around. I wouldn't have gotten mad if some animal came out of it's enclosure and attacked the child. In fact, I would've attempted to catch it on film. Then again that would not have been a good look because how would that look? There was a note in the gorilla exhibit which stated, "Gorilla's pound on the glass to show their strength." may just be me but I know a gorilla can probably kill a person.

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