Monday, May 4, 2009

Latin Night @ Shampoo

So I'm already not a big fan of big clubs but I guess this one was cool. Every first Saturday of the month, Shampoo hosts Latin night. There are 3 rooms with music so if you don't like salsa/merengue/bachata you can get your hip-hop/reggateon on in another room. There was also a rock en español room which was pretty interesting (not that many people in that room). And to just walk a lot to get to another room is not cool. However, I was happy with the "bottle" service and it was free before 11 p.m. Of course there weren't that many people there before 11 p.m. but hey we are in tough times.

p.s. what's up with the bathroom at this club? the sink was only filled with soap?

So why don't I like big clubs? For that reason, why do I need to be surrounded by hundreds of people looking to get laid. Give me a small lounge with small dance floor and I'm good to go. However, as you can see, everyone wasn't dancing because they were paying attention to the dancer on the random cube on the dance floor.
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