Friday, May 8, 2009

my Chifa review

So I know a while back I informed everyone about Jose Garces opening another restaurant; but now I finally got to preview the restaurant. And what a day to preview the menu! To be honest I think it's a good deal...2 items for $18 (including a non-alcoholic drink).

As soon as you see Chifa you know you're going to expect something exotic. Today being such a nice day we decided to eat alfresco. We were in the middle of everyone going on lunch break with occasional tourists looking for a place to eat. Although I really didn't check out the inside lobby, eating right outside was splendid.

As I said we got to choose 2 items from the menu; however, there was a problem. I really wanted the chicken wings but unfortunately they were unable to remove the soy glaze *tear* from the food, so I went with the empanada instead. I realized it was a seafood empanada but I ate it anyways *delicious*. After finishing the empanada I ordered a cranberry/orange drink and um wow; I think I'm going to start mixing drinks again (I used to do it as a kid but forgot). My second portion was the arepa sandwich and yet again *yumm*. Although I was a bit hesitant because it looked like a sloppy sandwich, it really wasn't; it also came with fries which were great.

So if you have $18 to spare during lunch, I suggest taking a trip (and a date) to Chifa.

707 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 925-5555

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