Monday, May 18, 2009

Need to get your noticias Colombiana?

Philadelphia already doesn't provide a lot of news en español, so where can you get your Spanish news? I say get it online like everything else; start off at CaracolTV. In fact this seems to be the only station my family watch. Everytime we visit the family in Jersey, they are watching Caracol...we call home Caracolanda lol. Caracol Televisión started in 1954.

And what's a brewing these days. Well according to a recent CaracolTV story, "Si Uribe no se postula a un tercer mandato, el saliente ministro de Defensa no dudará en hacer campaña." To be honest a lot of news coming from Colombia seems to be political...that can be good or bad. From what I have heard and seen on the news (and from the parents), Colombia's current president, Uribe, continues to be one of the most progmatic and intellectual presidents of Colombian contemporary history.

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