Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Once again, pay attention to us...los hispanos

Every day I read something new about Latinos growing in size and how companies need to start paying attention. To elaborate even more, Latinos are "web" friendly. According to a National Jeweler article, "In 1990, the Hispanic population in the United States was 7.9 percent. Today, Nielsen Claritas estimates, Hispanics account for 15.5 percent. And if the segment continues to grow at a rate three times faster than the U.S. population in general, as a recent Goldman Sachs study suggests, investors must pay attention to this emerging group. To reinforce the importance of Hispanics, demographers at the Pew Research Center recently predicted that the United States will be a "minority majority" nation by 2050, Hispanics making up as much as 29 percent of the total population."

So are you paying attention? Are you reading/watching what Hispanics are involved with? You'd be amazed and what we can do...we are hard working multitaskers. We love our families but know when to draw the line with our children. So what's going to happen in the next few decades, well if statistics are correct, we'll be the majority in the U.S.

I say...bring it :).
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