Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Philadelphia wants new murals

And you get to decide which mural wins! In celebration of 25 years of great murals, the Mural Arts Program has started a city-wide mural project entitled "This We Believe". This initiative has provided an opportunity for people throughout the city to share what they believe about Philadelphia. Community forums held and facilitated in neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia, and attended by two teams of artists, gave voice to the audiences. Now everyone gets to decide of the two teams which will win.

Team 1, made up of artists Kien Nguyen, Eric Okdeh and Michelle Ortiz, created a colorful design with panels showing different parts of the city, present and past.

Team 2, which included Phillip Adams, David Guinn and Damon Reaves, created a design showing an outpouring of people as part of the city's landscape.

To vote visit www.philly.com/murals. Voting ends May 18th.

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