Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Storm is Brewing in PA

After reading what is happening with the Shenandoah, PA case, I believe it is an outrage. How can 2 teenagers kill a human being, then one year later be set free? According to the CNN.Com article:

Blows had struck the 25-year-old illegal Mexican immigrant with such force that they left a clotted, bruised impression of Jesus Christ on the skin of his chest from the religious medal he wore. His attackers were white teenagers, including star students and football players, witnesses told police.

After a night of drinking, the teens taunted the undocumented worker with racial epithets, pummeled him to the ground and then kicked him in the head, court documents charge. He died in a hospital two days later.

Now one year later, the two teenagers were acquitted of almost all charges. Our very own city councilwoman is outraged. “Me parece increíble que resultaran libres de todos los casos, podrían ser inocentes quizás de algunos pero de todos, es un mensaje de que no va a haber justicia cuando una persona llena de odio rompa la ley”, dijo Quiñones. I know this shouldn't be a factor but apparently the entire jury was white...coincidence?
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