Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dining - El Camino Real

So last week while I was at the Piazza, I decided to head on over to El Camino Real for dinner. I've heard great things about it and walking by it every week was getting me more curious.

The owners were competing with their neighbor, Bar Ferdinand, so they had to come up with some creative way to bring customers...and I must say it worked. First off their salt & pepper shakers are in old recycled beer bottles...how cool is that! The rest of the condiments are stored in a 6-pack container.

Food = delicious. I ordered the chicken burrito for a "reasonable" $8 along with a margarita and yummm. I ate al fresco which was perfect for the evening. There were lots of people walking around shopping around and enjoying a perfect Philly evening. And if you haven't checked out Liberties Walk, I suggest you do so.
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