Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dining - Isla Verde

So last week we took a group of journalists to Isla Verde. Did they love it? I think so because after the beverages kept coming, people wanted me to dance Salsa...that was a no-no.

Anyways, at first we ordered our appetizers and those could've easily filled us up. Everything was fairly priced; and may I add the chicken is amazing! Sorry if I don't like to be adventurous but I prefer simple meals. Thursday night is supposed to be karaoke night but we missed it by an hour I think. On Friday (or Saturday) they usually have a house band...if not, people just enjoy dancing to salsa/merengue/bachata.

Isla Verde Cafe
2725 N American St, Philadelphia (corner of American St & Lehigh Ave)
(215) 426-3600
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