Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oro Solido at Global Fusion Festival

Way over 2 months ago, Philadelphia announced Global Fusion Festival; but now the artists are popping up! This festival has to cater to every single audience, hence the name Global Fusion. A little history:
Initially produced to celebrate the Philadelphia Multicultural Affairs Congress’ (MAC) 20th Anniversary, the Global Fusion Festival has become much more than a one-time event. Entering its 3rd year, the Global Fusion Festival is an anticipated showcase of extraordinary talent featuring Philadelphia’s diverse communities. The Global Fusion Festival truly embodies Philadelphia’s dynamic culture and in result, Philadelphia is regarded as a leading multicultural destination.
So who did they bring in to cater to the Latino audience...well none other than Oro Solido. Oro WHO!? ORO SOLIDO! I grew up on Oro Solido lol. They were the ones that started the party...i mean come on, who doesn't like merengue.
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