Monday, June 1, 2009

Philly just got cooler

So as if Philly didn't need another awesome they come with the Piazza at Schmidts. The Piazza is a 70,000 square feet venue of continues open space. It has a huge HD screen (seen above) and it can hold roughly 5,000 for special events. The Piazza not only has "pretty" boutiques for your shopping needs, but it also rents out galleries and there are a couple of cool restaurants for your eating needs.
The four new restaurants include: Darling’s Diner, a funky 1950’s style diner, Vino, an Italian wine bar with pizza and pasta, The Swift Half, a gastro-pub by the owners of Philly’s hotspot The Good Dog, and P.Y.T. bar and lounge run by popular party promoter Tommy Up.
I was there for the first time this past weekend because my friend was performing. Although she only did one poetry piece, she did great! So if you need something to do after work, I suggest checking it out...there's something to do everyday.

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