Monday, June 15, 2009

So why are Hispanics so important?

Because we stay positive in a recession and we know what we are doing. According to an Univision press release, "Hispanics are more optimistic in the period following the meltdown versus prior to September 29th, 2008."

Here are some interested stats:
  • 12% of U.S. consumers feel better off financially today than a year ago (down from 21% pre-meltdown)
  • 34% of Hispanics are optimistic about their finances in the coming year (vs 25% of non-Hispanics)
  • 29% of Hispanics are more positive about the U.S. economy in the coming 12 months (vs 21% of non-Hispanics)
  • Hispanics average consumer confidence rating is 11% higher than non-Hispanics, and has remained constant since 2005, while non-Hispanics confidence rating has declined.
We are more careful with money than other groups. I know I grew up not having a lot of money, that's why I'm so "cheap" when it comes to $$$. I'm careful how much I spend on frivolous items like CDs, movies, etc.

So if you have a business that markets to Hispanics or plan on marketing to Hispanics, be sure to have a right plan & it will succeed. Why do you think at festivals there are always those GIVE-A-WAYS. My mom loves the give-a-ways haha.
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