Friday, July 17, 2009

5 Reasons Why I Love the Blackberry

  1. We are part of the elite group of BBM holders. If you don't know what BBM is then PING you lol
  2. Unlike the iPhone, we can actually get the phone replaced if broken.
  3. You can connect the gazillion e-mails you have registered. I have work, Temple University and Yahoo.
  4. UberTwitter! This not only lists all your replies, DMs and messages in one screen, but it does almost everything automatically. You can even search for people at your exact location...leading to stalking and quite possibly making new friends.
  5. The calendar integrates all your applications. If you have an event on Facebook, it'll automatically add the event to the calendar. But for those that get 100000 event invites, you can turn this feature off.
So you make the decision
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