Friday, July 31, 2009

Are you a Latino in social media?

Are you a Latino in social media? Then I urge you to join the following of these people on Twitter. Almost every Thursday, these folk hos a #Latism fiesta where people chat about their social media experiences via Twitter. I got introduced to this awesome group via @UrbanJibaro who just so happens to be a Latino Greek...Phi Iota Alpha! It's a fun group of people who connect and interact with each other.

According to their Facebook group, the group is for all the Latinos who blog, tweet, connect, tag, bookmark, work & enjoy Social Media! The purpose of this group is to not only support each other, discuss common issues and have our opinion heard but more importantly learn how to make a living from leveraging Social Media.

They are also traveling across the city to three states for a Latinos in Social Media Heritage Month tour. For more info visit
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