Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Are you marketing your product to me?

Oh the inevitable truth behind multicultural marketing. Are organizations doing their part to market towards Latinos? I believe not, well at least some of them aren't. In a recent article, the author explains why Baltimore isn't marketing to this booming audience. Even with the positive reinforcement Hispanic Trending gives us, a lot of agencies just aren't doing their part.

One of the main reasons is:
As the economy continues to sour, companies question all costs that do not have a clear payback. This means that the budget for multicultural marketing, including Hispanic, is the first one that gets cut – if it was ever in place to begin with.
I was also just recently sent an e-mail with interesting figures from the State of PA:

There are Latinos living in all of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties for a total Latino state population of more than 560,000. Latinos in Pennsylvania make valuable contributions to the commonwealth through business and industry, politics, education, the sciences, and the arts. They share deep family values, recognize their obligations to those less fortunate, cherish freedom, and represent what it means to be an American.

For those still unclear about how or where to start, check out this blog post from Ethnic Technologies, LLC.
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