Monday, July 27, 2009

A Beer Web-site...nice

So I guess the system works. After countless ads on billboards and magazines I decided to go to; and maybe later I'll order one :). Their web-site is not full of a lot of content, but they are social media friendly. On their web-site you can create your own photo slice. It's a four step process to retrieve photos and select your own music. Try it out here.

And you learn something new everyday, according to their web-site they've been around since 1925.

And I'm glad they took an initiative to have a drink responsibly campaign:
Grupo Modelo launched our Responsible Drinking Program because we care about how Corona is consumed. The program spreads the message of responsible drinking among students, authorities, teachers and parents through a variety of practices. We are proud of the products we make, and want people to behave responsibly when enjoying them. We don’t resort to flashy antics in our advertising or brand communications, nor associate Corona with extreme behavior. We want to communicate to people of all ages that Corona can be enjoyed responsibly and with moderation.
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