Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank You SEPTA

Photo from: Al Dia

So finally after god knows how long, SEPTA will finally get rid of their tokens. According to an article in the Daily News, by 2011 we might be swiping our credit cards for fare.
"I would like for folks to be able to pay for a SEPTA trip by using whatever they have in their pocket - a credit/debit card, a student ID card, a cell phone with a computerized sticker that acts as a surrogate credit/debit card, whatever," he told the Daily News.
However, I am hesitant to think people will want to take our their American Express or VISA in the middle of the night. SEPTA not only has to change their fare system, but also keep something open passed 12 a.m. If you look at SEPTA's map, we have lots of rail choices to choose from and a lot of them don't operate at certain times. I personally refuse to take a bus somewhere, they get more crowded than trains and in all honesty, people have more attitude in buses.

I suspect that in 2011, Philly (and the region) will be a completely different city.
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