Friday, July 10, 2009

Zip Lining Adventures!

Want to do something daring...well I don't mean jump out of a plane. I mean something that gives you a rush but it's not really going to give you a heart attack. Well head on over to Spring Mountain Ski Resort in Spring Mount, PA.

During the winter you can obviously ski but during summer time, Spring Mountain turns into a series of zip lining or canopy tours. "It's a series of zip lines and rope bridges and challenges through the trees under the "canopy" or the leaves of the trees. You'll take the chair lift to the top of the mountain, hike to your starting point and then, harnessed to zip lines, you'll fly through the air high above the mountain!"

It's definitely a thrill and I highly recommend it to couples and families. Call ahead and make reservation because weekend hours fill up fast. They have different versions of the tours for different groups so choose wisely. Either way, you are bound to find surprises...or challenges.

757 Spring Mount Road - Spring Mount, PA 19478
Phone: 1-888-305-5044; 610-287-7900
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