Monday, August 10, 2009

Are Hispanics a Race?

When you think about Hispanics or you consider that a race? There was an interesting article last week entitled "What Race Are Hispanics?" and it came to the conclusion "that you simply can't organize it by race; there's just too many of us who don't fit the finite number of races."

Do you agree with this? The article made the point that a lot of Hispanics are just ONE RACE, it said we can be mixed races from White, Asian, Black, etc. Now I'm all for being of mixed race but do a lot of people claim being mixed? I know a good number of people who just claim HISPANIC but then when you continue asking them preguntas, they go on to say they have mixed roots. I suspect when Census 2010 comes around, a lot of people will still be confused. I just hope people understand why this is so important and to "check" off the appropriate categories.
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